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O-Rings O-rings are available in all AS568 inch sizes as well as a wide range of international metric sizes to DIN 3771, ISO 3601 and JIS B2401. In addition, Parker is tooled in over 1,500 non-standard O-ring sizes which are available on special order, and can make practically any custom O-ring imaginable.

Parker O-rings can be molded in a wide range of elastomer compounds ranging from basic neoprene to special perfluorinated materials called Parofluor ULTRA. Parker O-rings are recommended for both static and dynamic sealing service in practically all vacuum, gas and liquid applications. With the widest range of compounds available in the industry and a full complement of specialty material formulations, Parker has the product to meet the world’s needs.

O-Ring Accessories

O-Ring Accessories To assist in the installation of O-ring seals, Parker provides a number of useful items for use in sizing, installing and lubricating O-rings.

Parker offers special O-ring kits in a wide range of compounds as well as petroleum or silicone-based O-ring lubricants to facilitate seal assembly installation.

Also available are brass and plastic O-ring installation and extraction tools, O-ring sizing cones and Pi tapes.